Gen2 Management Services
A Wise Investment

Partner Process


Remember that time you asked the right girl to the dance?  Think of this process as exactly that; we'll be partners in the process of profitably growing your portfolio, and this let's the both of us know if we can 'dance' together.

As part of the Gen2 team, we take great pride in conducting a mutual evaluation to determine if there's a fit between your specific needs and the depth and breath of services we provide.  Want to know what we will avoid?  Read these accounts of poorly run businesses. 

There is a 3 step mutual evaluation.

1. You've received a formal presentation relative to who we are, our successes and some of the challenges we envision in our industry.

2. We complete questionnaire and conduct a market analysis (all of which is at our expense).

3. We discuss our findings and mutually decide go/no go.

The true benefit to you is that not only will you get a reason for a go/no-go relationship, you will receive hard data relative to what we see your stores are doing well and ways they can enhance their operation.

And we ALWAYS invite you to ask US more questions about who we are and what we do!  To review our process,
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