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Gen 2 is a full service 3rd party management company servicing the self storage industry.  After 20 years, our record of growth and success speaks for itself.  As a partner, be assured that our attention to details and reporting truly sets us apart.  When we enter into an arrangement with you, we provide the following:  

(1)  A comprehensive audit and conduct a competitor market analysis which gives us a baseline to start with.  Further, future reporting refer back to this baseline so that there's accountability and measurement.

(2) We have oversight of the day-to-day operations of your facilities making sure policy, procedures, emergency response and operations manuals are up to date and inclusive of what's needed to run a store.


(3) We regularly communicate with managers to build their decision making and confidence levels. 


(4) We manage rates and unit mix to ensure rates are consistent with market data and consumer needs.


(5) We provide a very structured management training program which includes but is not limited to phone sales, face to face sales, collections, making and keeping the store rent ready, outside marketing, and of course our site management system.


(6) All employees are provided with a performance management plan which would include a series of unbiased metrics and measures.

(7) Our 12 step community marketing strategy, as well as our internet search engine and web site optimization ensures your store receives maximum community exposure.

(8) Our Strategic Leadership Certified Managers will visit your properties at least twice each month.

(9) Monthly we prepare and submit an executive summary which chronicles:
    + Net move ins
    + Square footage
    + Prospect calls to rentals
    + Web leads to rentals
    + Accounts receivables and delinquent accounts, along with our collections effort
    + Bank deposits 

To review and print a property management agreement, click here.