Gen2 Management Services
A Wise Investment

Our Advantage


We have over 20 years in the management and ownership of properties in the Ohio and Kentucky region.  What we bring to you is:

* Multiple self storage locations enhance buying power.

* Distinctive web advantage in the markets we serve.

* 12 step community marketing strategy along with a month eNewsletter to enhance referrals.

* Prominent positioning of self storage facilities advertising in directories.    


* Professionally managed self storage sites with specific strategies to increase physical and economic occupancy.

* Area supervisors who have received their leadership certification by the Strategic Leadership Institute of Storage Revenue Solutions.

* On site, real-time training from area supervisors.

* Webinar training from objective third-parties (in fiscal 2009 / 2010 that total was over 400 hours).

* A candidate selection process which includes structured orientation and training.

* Operational procedures so that all who work your property know specifically their role and objectives.

* Quarterly structured review process for the staff.

* Monthly reporting.

* Vendor management.

* Quarterly operational audits.

* Annual objective, non-biased third party audits <unheard of in our industry>.

More than anything, a commitment to professionally manage your stores with tried and true business controls and practices.